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Adoption Process Q&A

1. Do I get to choose the family for my baby?2020-06-17T11:10:31-05:00

Absolutely! We will send you profiles of prospective adoptive families that match your situation, and you can decide which family you would like to have a call/meeting with to see if it is a good fit!

2. Where can I see profiles for adoptive families?2020-06-17T11:14:36-05:00

You can visit the Meet Our Adopting Parents page on our website to see adoption profiles and websites!

3. Do I have to pay anything for your services?2020-06-17T11:16:13-05:00

No, all services are free for our birth mothers.

4. I don’t have a safe place to go. Can you help with housing?2020-06-17T11:21:19-05:00

Adoption related living expenses include housing, so we will assist you in finding you a safe place for you to live.

5. What kind of contact can I have with the adoptive family after birth? What is the difference between open and closed adoption?2020-06-17T11:26:22-05:00

This is your choice! You can decide how much openness you would like with the family and how often you would like updates sent to you. An open adoption allows you to meet the adoptive parents before making your decision and there can be direct correspondence both before your child is born and after placement as your child grows. A closed adoption would include no contact after birth and contact information would not be exchanged.

6. What if I change my mind about how much contact I want with the family?2020-06-17T11:27:21-05:00

Birth mothers often decide on the level of openness with the adoptive couple after they’ve had time to get to know one another. Our office is here to help you make those decisions and navigate those conversations.

7. Can the adoptive mother attend prenatal appointments with me?2020-06-17T11:28:22-05:00

Yes! Often times when the adoptive mother and birth mother live near one another they can attend prenatal appointments together if the birth mother chooses to include her. We find this to be a special time for the adoptive mother and expectant mother!

8. What kind of living expenses can the adoptive couple assist with?2020-06-17T11:29:18-05:00

Adoption appropriate living expenses include housing, utilities, telephone, food, transportation, maternity clothing, and medical bills for uninsured expenses.

9. What do the steps of the process look like?2020-06-17T11:30:57-05:00
  1. Initial phone conversation with our adoption staff
  2. Paperwork and adoptive parent profiles sent to you
  3. Completed paperwork returned to our office
  4. First call/meeting with family of your choosing

For more details visit our Dear Birthmother page!

10. Can you help me connect with a counselor?2020-06-17T11:31:52-05:00

Yes, we would be glad to connect you with a licensed professional counselor who works with expectant mothers throughout the adoption process! This would be at no cost to you.

11. I’d love to know more about birth mothers/families you’ve help before! Do you have any stories to share?2020-06-17T11:32:55-05:00

We’d love for you to take a look at the Dreams Come True page on our website to see photos of adoptive families and birth mothers we have worked with over the years!

12. Why should I choose Heart2Heart Adoptions?2020-06-17T11:34:00-05:00

We work to create a heartfelt connection between birth mothers and adoptive families, and we take special care to be birth mother centric and customize the process to fit who you uniquely are. Attorney John Hughes has over 25 years of experience working with expectant mothers and adoptive families, and our staff is passionate about helping you transform one of the most difficult decisions into a bright future for both you and your child.

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