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Unplanned pregnancy? Not sure what to do next? We are your advocates and are here to help you. In open adoption, you choose and meet the family that adopts your baby. We give you FREE attorney consultation and FREE housing and living expenses, if needed. Always open. Completely confidential. Local representation. We are here for you 24/7. Call 605-360-7914 or email

Dear Birthmother: The First Steps in Your Adoption Journey

If you’re an expectant mother dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, our hope is that by sharing information about adoption, your heart will become lighter and you will have hope! This is a broad layout of what happens in the journey to adoption for our precious birth moms. You are a hero just by reading this and considering adoption for your child.

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Welcome to Heart2Heart Adoptions

We Believe Adoption Is LOVE And Birthmothers Are Brave, Selfless, Beautiful Heroes

Expecting and considering adoption? Our national adoption firm strives to create a heartfelt connection between birthmothers and adoptive families. We take a loving and compassionate approach to working with expecting mothers all across the United States. We specialize in open adoption, where birth moms can meet and choose the family they would like to adopt their baby and form a close, personal connection with them. We believe this creates a wonderful future for the birthmother, the adoptive family, and the baby. However, the choice is always yours, so you may also choose a semi-open or closed adoption. We are here for you and your decisions are always important, respected and carried forward.

Meet Our Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Below are a few of our loving, home-study approved, carefully screened parents hoping to adopt. You may also let us know what you are looking for in a family and we will email you some options to choose from. The choice is always yours and we are here to advocate for you. For more information on these or other families, click the photo to see their full profile, or contact us 24/7.

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We Will Tailor Your Adoption Experience To You

In open adoption, some firms or adoption agencies, do not allow you to get to know the family personally. They might give no real identifying information and call it an open adoption. Heart2Heart Adoptions does not consider that a loving, open adoption. Would you like videos, phone calls, letters, or personal visits? We will be sure to make that happen for you. Are you wondering if you qualify for living and medical expenses, or free counseling? Most often, the answer is YES! We will help you get that! Do you have legal questions? We always offer FREE attorney consultations and services to the birthmothers we work with. We are your advocates and our main goal is to make this a positive journey for you. We will never leave your side and stand beside you for your entire pregnancy, and beyond.

Every adoption starts with an expectant mother. Our adoption practice focuses on making sure she is treated with integrity, respect, and compassion. Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming, scary, and can create a feeling of helplessness. We are here to help. We assist our expecting mothers in finding an adoptive family she loves and who will love her and her baby. We help with adoption counseling, as much or as little as wanted, and with adoption-related living expenses to make sure mother and baby are safe and healthy. We walk with our birth moms and our families through the entire process. Call or text us at any time, day or night, with questions or for more information. You will receive warm, caring, personal, and confidential attention. It’s a brave and beautiful journey for everyone involved and we are here for you every step of the way. Adoption is our passion, and we would be honored to help you.