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The Adoption Process

Our firm will help you through every step of the adoption process:

Connecting you with a home study provider.

Developing your profile book to be presented to expectant parents.

Matching you with an expectant mother.

Helping you communicate with the expectant mother throughout her pregnancy and after placement.

Providing legal services for the termination of parental rights and adoption finalization.

The Home Study

A home study is a written report about the adopting parents and prepared by a licensed social worker.

Heart2Heart Adoptions will help you find a social worker who can provide the required home study services.

The home study report is based on interviews, as well as the results of criminal background and child abuse and neglect checks. Topics you will discuss with your social worker include: motivation to adopt, childhood and family life, relationship with your spouse, financial status, and beliefs about discipline and religion.

Among other items, you will provide documentation, such as: birth certificates, marriage license, divorce decree, criminal records, income tax returns, health statements from your physician, employment verification, and reference letters.