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Finalizing an Adoption

After you finalize your adoption, your child is treated as your natural child. You can finalize your adoption after your child has lived in your home for a period of time specified by law (this varies by state) and after you have completed successful post-placement visits with your licensed social worker.

After the court declares the adoption is completed, your child is thereafter your adopted child and shall be regarded and treated in all respects as your natural child.

With respect to unmarried expectant mothers, the name of the birth father cannot be entered on the birth certificate without written consent of the birth father or upon judicial determination of the birth father.

Typically, the birth mother’s last name shall be the legal last name of your child on the birth certificate, unless an affidavit of acknowledgment of paternity signed by both birth parents is received.

After you legally adopt your child, you can reissue his or her birth certificate to reflect their new name and your name as the parents.

The original birth certificate and the adoption information is sealed when a new certificate is issued. It may only be opened upon order of a Court, by the Secretary of Health for purposes of properly administering the vital registration system, or once your child is 18, depending on the laws of that state.