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Looking to Adopt


Although adoption is primarily a personal and relational process, it also requires legal expertise. Our firm is a member of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys. This allows access to adoption experts across the country. This expertise allows an expectant mother to successfully complete her adoption plan without legal complications.


The cost of adoption through our firm is one of the lowest in the country. With other practice areas covering more overhead, more funds go to the expectant mother to assist with adoption-related, court-approved living expenses. Adoptions through our firm can often be done for minimal cost when adopting parents apply for the Federal Adoption Tax Credit.

The first step you will take on your adoption journey is to decide which adoption professional is right for you: an adoption agency, an adoption law firm, a facilitator, or a consultant. The choices can be confusing.

So what sets Heart2Heart Adoptions apart? We are an adoption law firm with a national reach. Although attorneys can handle the legal process, many do not locate expectant parents who are considering adoption. We handle the legal process and also locate potential birth parents for our clients.

Over the almost 30 years our firm has been working in the area of adoption, we have developed a nation-wide network of trusted professionals who contact us when they want profiles to present to a new expectant mother. We also have medical professionals and non-profits who call us when their patients and clients want adoption information. One of highest compliments is when birth mothers we have worked with refer to us their friends, family, or work associates. This tells us that we helped them feel respected and supported during the process.

We work hard to customize the process to fit you and your needs. We take the time to get to know you and what is the best fit for you. Adoption is relationship driven. To match the right expectant mother with the right adopting parent(s), we need to know who you are; when this happens, the adoption process goes more smoothly. Although we do a significant number of adoptions each year, our goal is quality, not quantity. Heart2Heart Adoptions has a high touch approach to adoption that we believe stabilizes the adoption plan.

Our firm does not require large cash outlays up front. We charge only a nominal application fee, a fee for the adoption conference with Attorney John Hughes, and a fee for the profile preparation and activation process. Further fees are only due at the time you are matched, and you will know what those fees are before accepting the match. We only present expectant mother situations to you that fall within your budget. This way all of your money is not tied up in case another situation presents itself outside of our office. The goal is for you to be able to adopt, whether through Heart2Heart Adoptions or someone else.