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Open vs. Closed Adoption

Being informed about the types of adoption can make your adoption plan go more smoothly. We will only present to you expectant mothers whose preferences for ongoing contact match yours. Heart2Heart Adoptions is here to answer your questions.

Open Adoption

In an open adoption, you can talk with and even meet expectant parents before everyone makes their decision. At the expectant mother’s invitation, you may attend pre-natal visits and be present at the hospital. The expectant mother will document her preferences in a birth/hospital plan. There is often direct correspondence, telephone contact, and meetings between expectant parents and adoptive parents, both before the child is born and after placement as your child grows.

Closed Adoption

Expectant parents may request a third party to choose the adoptive parents. No one will disclose or exchange any identifying information. There is no contact between you and the birth parents after the baby is born and placed with you.

Semi-Open Adoption

Semi-open adoptions are the most common choice in today’s adoption culture. These usually include some contact between expectant parents and the adoptive couple before birth. After birth, it is customary for birth parents to receive picture and letter updates with the possibility of a meeting(s) in the future. Our firm offers a web-based post-placement contact service in which the birth mother can log onto a private website to view picture and letter updates. This way birth parents can have access to these updates whenever they feel like it and have access to the Internet.

Our adoptive families like this option as they do not have to print and mail pictures and letters and try to keep up with mailing addresses if birth parents move.